Our Most Recent Issue: Issue 13

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Issue 12: Poetry and Prose

Despy Boutris, “Spring” and “3 Collages”
Henry Bule, “The Naturalist”
Michelle Cadiz, “red skies at night, sailors delight; red skies at morning, sailors take warning”
C.M. Clark, “4 O’Clock in Old Bartow”
Jodie Clark, “The Words of Your Language”
Shawn Cho A., “Long Distance”
Cole Depuy, “Menu”
Marco Etheridge, “A Palisade Not Made of Gargoyles”
Mollie Fox, “An Ode to Your Five Couches”
Benjamin Murray, “What Keeps Me From Myself”
Joshua Shaw, “The Knight of Faith”
Terin Weinberg, “Portrait of My Mother at Twenty-Three”

With Visual Art From:

Guilherme Bergamini
Pia Bhatia
Eric Chamberlain
Tiago Jazel
Van Lanigh
Arthur Kwon Lee
Monica MG
Emily Rankin
George Stein

Foreword: Jess Simms

Layout/Design: Jess Simms