Current Editors:

Charlie Brown
Megan Bushey
Mike Good
Mike Lambert
Jason Peck
Jessica Simms
Martin van Velsen

Former Editors:

Christina Ailor
Justin Bayer
Lea Bridi
George Ellis
Beth Haley
Tyson Himes
Kara Helmick-Nelson
Karla E. Lamb
Jody Rosenberg
David Villaverde

All editors read all genres and our editorial board runs democratically. To contact any one of us, feel free to email Editors do not receive compensation beyond the immense pleasure that comes with building this journal.

Editorial positions remain open to all members of the Hour After Happy Hour Writing Workshop. From time to time, editors also lend a hand at managing the workshop and planning readings.

From left to right:
Charlie Brown, Karla E. Lamb, David Villaverde, Jason Peck, Mike Lambert, Martin Van Velsen, George Ellis (Spring 2016)