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Journal Release Party! 11/6/14

Celebrate Fall 2014’s After Happy Hour Review Journal Release with HAHH at the East End Book Exchange Tonight! Featuring: Bryan McCarthy, Bob Hartley, Christina Ailor, and Hong-Thao Nguyen, with Lynn Emmanuel Headlining! Books will be for sale. Light refreshments will be provided. Reading starts @ 7pm!

Tripping on Pistachios

Before I get into the recaps. I really want to let you know you should come to our first reading – it’s going to be a blast .-¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/441058106013846/ Two weeks ago our minds were smashed open by submissions from Mike Lambert and Gina Bacola. Mike’s fifth submission to the group continued his novel “Young People” and we were introduced to…

Oh this is Fun: recap and a reading

A breakdown of all the great pieces we’ve received in the last month and a half: – On September 5th, George Ellis and Brandon Tristan Reid took HAHH by storm with freshmen submissions to the group. ¬†George’s piece was a remarkable short story entitled “What’s Done is Undone” exploring dreams, and a fading grasp of reality, with some great motifis…