Submission Guidelines

The After Happy Hour Review is Now Open for Submissions

Please take some time to read our guidelines below before submitting via Submitable.

The Editors


The After Happy Hour Review is an online journal produced by members of the Hour After Happy Hour Writing Workshop in Pittsburgh. We publish at least two issues every year and accept submissions year-round.

We want work that’s quirky, accessible and above all, unconventional. The ideal piece often either covers a subject few people write about or covers familiar subjects from an angle we’d never thought of. We also accept visual art, be it digital photos, paintings, collages. Our publication is dedicated to fostering a community of writers and artists in order to expose their work within Pittsburgh and beyond.

Our editors come from varying backgrounds with their own inclinations, tastes, and preferences. If you are local, we encourage you to attend a workshop to get a sense of the journal’s aesthetic and the people behind it. If you’re not, please read the journal before you submit.

General Submission Guidelines

  • We cannot offer any payment to our authors/artists at this time.
  • After Happy Hour only accepts submissions through Submittable.
  • Please do not mail or email us your submissions, we have a workflow. Our email is for queries or correspondence ONLY.
  • After Happy Hour does accept simultaneous submissions. If accepted elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may remove your piece from consideration by adding a note to submittable.
  • After Happy Hour does not accept reprints. Original work only, please.
  • We do accept multiple submissions in multiple categories. But please keep your number of pieces to a reasonable amount.
  • Accepted submissions may be edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
  • By submitting to our journal, you agree to the conditions listed on this page (See “Rights”).

Poetry – (Up to five poems, any length)

Please use standard font and formatting, unless it’s a stylistic choice. We like accessible poems that explore human desire, obsession, angst, pop-culture; anything wild, funny, corporal. Compel us with works that urge us to explore our own physical bodies, our mental capacities, and our emotional horizons. Poems that use rhythm and technique will be especially considered. Formal, experimental, traditional, and everything in-between.

Flash Fiction – (1,000 words and under)

AHHR wants flash with uncompromising language and original ideas.

The submission cannot be a vignette or a fragment, but a complete story that could not possibly be longer than 1,000 words. One thousand and one words would ruin it.

Be bold and take risks, make an impact and make it early. Don’t give us characters that mildly care about something, plots that kind of make the reader turn the page, language that sort of places us in the heat of the story.

Short Fiction – (1,000 to 6,000 words)

AHHR sets the limit at 6,000, but excessive length is the top reason why we tend to reject short fiction pieces. Oftentimes we run into stories that start strong, but simply go on for too many pages to maintain their effectiveness. Make sure your piece has no fat to cut and send it in.

Stylistically, our tastes for longer fiction match our tastes for flash: Original ideas, uncompromising language. Make an impact and make it early.

For reference, see Brandon Getz’s “White People” in Issue Three..

Creative Nonfiction – (1,000 to 6,000 words)

We believe creative nonfiction is should be read like an academic essay, a newspaper article, or a blog post. We look for creative nonfiction filled with with drama, tension, characterization, plot, etc. – all the elements of first rate fiction. Except it’s true.

For reference, check Jacob Mays’ “T.A.F.T” in Issue 3 or Melissa Wiley’s “Dragonflies Among Us,” in Issue 4.

Visual Art 

AHHR prides itself on publishing more visual art than most of its contemporaries. Check out some back issues to see if your work fits with our aesthetic. As policy, HAHH does not make any alterations to visual submissions without permission of the artist.

Paintings, drawings, photographs, and digital art are all accepted, as are submissions that combine text and visuals. Images should be 300dpi and saved as either .jpeg or .pdf files.

Response Times

We try to return a decision within one to three weeks, although holidays and issue releases can delay an evaluation of your work. Visual submissions typically take longer. We originated as a writing workshop, and try to stay true to our roots by providing feedback whenever possible. We now offer a paid-feedback option if you’d like.. However, the volume of submissions oftentimes prevents us from sending a more personal response.


We acquire First Publishing Rights (the right to be recognized as the original publisher) and Electronic Archive Rights (the right to feature your work on the website and in our digital issues). By being published in the After Happy Hour Review, you are also agreeing to allow us to nominate your work for various awards and anthologies including the Pushcart Prize, Best of Net, Bettering American Poetry, and Verse Daily, among others. After publication if AHHR, you are free to have the piece republished elsewhere, although as a courtesy we request you identify AHHR as the original publisher. At your request, content can be removed from the website, but cannot be removed from the issues themselves.



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