Editorial Board

Jess Simms – Managing Editor
Jess SimmsJess Simms is a freelance ghostwriter and fiction writer. Their short fiction has been published most recently in The Arcanist Monster Flash Fiction Anthology, Geek Out! II, and HOOT!. A musician in a former life, they hold a B.M. in saxophone performance from BGSU and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Chatham University. They write speculative fiction with a literary bent, and have weirdly strong opinions about genre. They’re currently working on a hard sci-fi novel that refuses to end.

Shawn Maddey – Poetry EditorShawn Maddey

Shawn Maddey does not have a bio, but there is literally only one person in the world with that name and Google exists.

Nathan Kukulski – Prose Editor
Nate Kukulski

Nathan Kukulski is doing his best over here.

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan – Events Coordinator and Editor-At-Large

Brendan Sullivan lives in Pittsburgh and writes at night, but quietly, quietly, so as not to wake anything.

Daniel Parme – Treasurer and Editor-At-Large
Daniel Parme

Daniel Parme is the author of Hungry—a novel of sex, drugs, and cannibalism—and Post, a dystopian novella published by Running Wild Press. He holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh @ Johnstown, and has been in the food service industry entirely too long.

Current Readers

Liz Abeling
Megan Bushey
Ohad Cadji
Craig Findlay
Jason Peck

Former Editors

Christina Ailor
Justin Bayer
Lea Bridi
Charlie Brown
George Ellis
Mike Good
Beth Haley
Tyson Himes
Kara Helmick-Nelson
Karla E. Lamb
Mike Lambert
Jody Rosenberg
David Villaverde

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