Issue 8

Cover Fall 2017 After Happy Hour Review by Patrick Landeck


“Red” – Talal Alyan
“Prayer” – Talal Alyan
“Kurt Says There’s No Such Thing As Information Loss” – James Croal Jackson
“Got Milk Anymore” – William Repass
“Conjugations of My Tia’s Back” – Antonio Lopez
“Ode to Salt” – Stephen Massimilla
“The Water Mirror” – Stephen Massimilla
“Abandoned Bicycles” – Andrew Miller
“The Curtain of Parrhasius” – Andrew Miller
“Robert Campin: Merode Latarpiece”- Lynn Hoggard


“The Knowledge at High Rocks” – Andrew Barrer
“The Ghost Train Orchestra” – Howie Good
“The Beyond” – Nick Gregorio
“Uncle Johnny Wins the Lottery” – Dana Scott

Creative Nonfiction:

“Brigadeiros and the Mail” – Amanda Catarina Leong

Cover Art:

Patrick Landeck

Visual Art:

Manit Chaotragoongit
Thomas Gillaspy
Meghan Hippie
Todd Norman
Bill Wolak
Janelle Victoria Cordero
Patrick Landeck
Mindy Mastruserio


Megan Bushey


Mike Lambert