Issue 10


Cover Art by Jonelle Summerfield, "Cafe Scenes" for Issue 10 After Happy Hour Review

Cover Art by Jonelle Summerfield, “Cafe Scenes”

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Issue 10 Table of Contents

Cover Art:

Jonelle Summerfield (website)


“Self-regulating Systems of Growth” by Andy Stallings
“The Disposition of Common Fields” by Andy Stallings
“Before the Swell” by Kara Knickerbocker
“Classified” by Emily Bobo
“Fried Onions” by Alex Skorochid
“Odd Couple” by Joan E. Bauer
“Thinking about Philomene Long Queen of Venice’s Avant Garde” by Joan E. Bauer
“Millennial Milk and Honey” by Mary Ardery
“Women at Windows” by Rochelle Shapiro
“Plague and Rumour” (NY, 1981)” by Aaron Fischer
“The Table-Setter” by Abigail Warren


“El Cruce” by Wendy Schoua
“Birdsong” by Jessica Brofsky
“Jessica’s Crayons” by Caitrin Clute
“Vulture Poop” by Nancy Ford Dugan
“Squeaky Clean Freaks” by Caitlin Jill Anders

Creative Nonfiction:

“Ocean Life and Other Things I Learned From You” by Alexa Dodd
“Theresa Harris” by Kate LaDew

Visual Art:

Laura Allen
Jonelle Summerfield
William C. Crawford

Foreword: Mike Lambert

Layout/Design: Mike Lambert