Writing Workshop

Join us each Thursday from 7pm-9pm above Lot 17 as we workshop two pieces. Our writing workshop is free and open to all.

How does it work?

Writers submit their work to the group the Monday before workshop. On Thursday night, we meet in Bloomfield in the loft above Lot 17 (4617 Liberty Ave) and discuss each submission in detail for an hour. We believe writing workshops are a helpful, if not crucial step, often missing between writing, revising and submitting creative work.

What can you submit?

The following are guidelines. Longer works are negotiable, just keep in mind that whatever you submit should be able to be discussed in-depth in an hour.

  • 10-15 pages of prose
  • 3-5 poems
  • Other genre/multi-genre (e.g. screenplays, plays, etc.)

Do you, by chance, have a calendar of all your workshops and events? 

We do. Check out the official After Happy Hour Google Calendar.