Writing Workshop

Join us each Thursday from 7pm-9pm on the second floor of Lot 17. Our writing workshop is free and open to all.

You might be wondering…

How does it work?

Two writers submit their work to the group the Monday before workshop via a facebook group or email (Sometimes later though this is discouraged). On Thursday night, we meet in Bloomfield in the loft above Lot 17 (4617 Liberty Ave) and discuss each submission in detail for an hour. Typically, a journal editor or a longstanding member of the workshop will facilitate discussion.

Our philosophy is that writing workshops can become helpful, if not crucial steps, between writing, revising and submitting creative work, particularly if you don’t have the benefits of academia. If you attend, we hope feedback gleaned will make you more likely to revise, submit, and publish your work. We welcome thoughts and comments from the author being workshopped when helpful to guide discussion.

What can you submit?

Longer works are welcome, but keep in mind there are limits to what can be discussed in an hour. Sometimes it can be helpful to have questions in-mind for the workshop to discuss.

  • 10-15 pages of prose
  • 3-5 poems
  • Other genre/multi-genre (e.g. screenplays, plays, etc.)

How do I get a workshop?

We generally schedule workshops a month in advance. We’d like it if you could attend a workshop and give back to other writers before signing up for your own workshop. This will help you get a feel for how the workshop runs. Discussions can be irreverent, heated, and unlikely to sugarcoat criticism. For some of us, this can be very helpful, for others maybe not so much.

Who generally attends? How many?

Attendance varies from week-to-week, but an average of ten people tend to show up. Sometimes as few as five and as many as twenty. Be advised the workshop happens in a bar with delicious food. Our group is generally composed of folks who studied creative writing as undergraduates, some folks who have graduated with M.F.A.’s, and others who may have never studied creative writing and pursue it with a passion. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Still have questions?

Drop us a line at hourafterhappyhour[at]gmail.com