A New Era

Our fearless leader, Mike Good, has moved away for his MFA program.  Even after just one workshop without him we all miss him dearly. Still, we must forge ahead. Many of our journal editors have stepped up to take his place.  Lea Bridi is now coordinating the After Happy Hour Review, Christina Ailor will be […]

January 24 Workshop

We’re looking forward to revisiting writers Lea Bridi and Mike Lambert this week.  I’ve added also a section to the blog where we can also revisit materials already workshopped in hopes of additional feedback.  Email me at mgood1100@gmail.com if you’d like me to post revisions or start a wordpress account, and I’ll add you as […]

2012 Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who came out over the last few months.  Last night was great.  We will try to post some workshopped materials over break, but until then, our next workshop is scheduled at the usual time and place for Thursday, January 10, 2013, and will feature writing by Kaleigh Behe, and Jason Peck.  Happy […]