Life After Lit Mag: Interview with former Bartleby Snopes Editor Nathaniel Tower

What is the best indie lit mag? If you said Bartleby Snopes for the past 6 years, few would object. From its humble beginnings in 2010, editor Nathaniel Tower built a new kind of journal that responded quickly, interacted personally, and gave voice to a new breed of writing outside of the literary mainstream. But […]

New Twist on an Old Genre – Mike McClelland’s “Gay Zoo Day”

Gay Zoo Day: Tales of Seeking and Discovery. By Mike McClelland, Beautiful Dreamer Press, 2017. It must be said that Mike McClelland’s debut novel “Gay Zoo Day” features some more “typical” literary fiction. In the opening story, a protagonist settles down in South Africa for a summer, and takes in the baggage of that country’s […]

In Search of Chuck Strangward, and the Best Flash Fiction Story You’ve Never Read

By Jason Peck My favorite work of flash fiction comes from a former postal worker in Georgia that no one’s heard of, who skipped his MFA and has more online writing credits regarding agricultural than he does for his fiction. Chuck Strangward is not famous, but not in the sense that we should be ashamed […]

Meet the Artist – Five Question With Issue Six Cover Artist Brad Black

At HAHH, we’ve always prided ourselves on our colorful covers. But Brad Black’s surrealistic, black-and-whites gave us the perfect chance to break with tradition. In our brief interview below, the Pittsburgh-based artist tells us his background and answers that ever-annoying question – where do your ideas come from?   So tell us about your background. […]

Review: “Under the Kaufmann’s Clock” by Angele Ellis

As a rule, we Pittsburghers are (perhaps unduly) enamored with anything that turns the focus to our city, especially when it portrays the city with the kind of beauty and accuracy Angele Ellis brings to both the poetry and the prose in her newest book, Under the Kaufmann’s Clock. The photographs by Rebecca Clever scattered […]

From the Archives: Interview with Brandon Getz, author of “White People”

 Of all stories published by After Happy Hour Review, none obtained nearly as much reader feedback as Brandon Getz’s short story “White People,” published in Issue Three. As part of a retrospective on our most popular stories, we sat down with Getz to discuss how the story came about, and what made it so popular. […]