About Us

The Hour After Happy Hour was founded in October 2013 by a group of creative writers who met in the basement of the Big Idea Bookstore every other week to encourage each other’s craft. We would read each other’s work and then head to a nearby bar to talk about books, writing, TV, to commiserate and chat. Soon the group grew in ranks from three to five, to often over twenty attendees. We continue to offer the Hour After Happy Hour as a free alternative to professional writing workshops and university-affiliated writing programs–and because we love doing it.

One night, as we grew, the idea occurred to us that we’d like to publish some pieces from our workshop alongside local and national writers. Out of 2 dollar beers and from our humble writing community, the After Happy Hour Review was born–with all of its A’s Ah’s and R’s–publishing our first issue on March 27, 2014. Since then, we’ve published two issues per year, once receiving a grant from the Sprout Foundation to create a limited print release. We no longer publish pieces from the our workshop, instead encouraging workshop members to seek new homes for their work. We host a reading with every issue release bringing together writers from around Pittsburgh, from our workshop, and from our journal. We meet across the street now at Lot 17.

We’re not always sure what will come next, but we’re excited to find out as we head into our fourth year as a journal and fifth year as a workshop. Thanks for stopping by.