Scenes: AHHR Celebrates Issue 7!

We want to thank everyone who attended our journal release party and for being a part of Pittsburgh’s literary community.

Hour After Happy Hour Workshop Alum reads from his second novel North and Central; some chapters were workshopped at the Hour After Happy Hour. Buy it now!

North and Central

Bradley J. Fest reads from his debut collection The Rocking Chair. Get yourself a copy! Find more at The Hyper Archival Parallax

The Rocking Chair

The Hyperarchival Parallax

Brad’s poetry appeared in the debut After Happy Hour Review

If The Marianas Trench Were a Gathering of Sound

Daniel Parme reads fiction from a novel in progress, “Confluence”.

Daniel Parme helps manage the Haven, a PIttsburgh Writing Community

Celine Roberts blurs the line between fiction and nonfiction with some  captivating and devestating short shorts.

Follow Celine on Twitter @butterandbrine

Dan Shapiro closes it down with some Heavy Metal Poetry

Dan edits Pittsburgh Poetry Review! Buy his books!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to dig the newest After Happy Hour Review on Issuu!

Thank you all for celebrating with us and supporting us. Thank you to our readers for an unforgettable evening!

-AHHR Editors

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