A New Era

Our fearless leader, Mike Good, has moved away for his MFA program.  Even after just one workshop without him we all miss him dearly. Still, we must forge ahead. Many of our journal editors have stepped up to take his place.  Lea Bridi is now coordinating the After Happy Hour Review, Christina Ailor will be point person for the workshop, Jason Peck will be taking over the Facebook page, and Charlie Brown has volunteered to distribute our publicity materials.  Mike Lambert continues to be our layout and design guru.

This past Thursday’s workshop felt a little empty without Mike Good, but we still had a lovely two hours. Jess McNally submitted more of her autobiographical prose poetry (lyrical prose? She tries not to worry about defining the genre). Melissa Luvisi submitted 3 prose pieces.  In one hour we were able to fit in an impressive amount of feedback in on a blog post, an excerpt of fantasy creative writing, and an excerpt from her e-book on social media.

We were also excited to welcome two newcomers to the group – Karla and Dave. They had no problem jumping right into the discussion, which is what we love to see in new members!

We are inching closer to our release of the second issue of the After Happy Hour Review.  Although we have already determined which workshop pieces will be showcased in this issue, our call for submissions is still open.  Act now!

Next week we look forward to what is sure to be a lively workshop with Charlie Brown and Craig Martin!

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