Final Reader announced and it is… 10 Days until Release of AHHR

I find it difficult to believe this little journal, hatched in a hazy conceptualization at Lou’s Corner Bar after one autumn workshop is growing before our collective eyes into a concrete reality of wonder and panache.

Be there with us as the journal takes its first step on Thursday, March 27 at Assemble Pittsburgh, doors open at 7:30pm. This is a fantastic editing team. Is there facebook event? Yes. Of course there is a facebook event. Here it is. Tell us if you’d like to come.

  • What else? Sarah Cunningham, of the Point Park Globe wrote a wonderful piece and took a picture that really encapsulates why HAHH is “neither happy nor an hour.” Tell us how nice we all look: Writers’ workshop launches literary magazine.
  • I’m also immensely pleased to share a recent publication from a member of the AHHR team: Martin van Velsen’s flash fiction piece called “Over” was published online by Lascaux 250. Congrats Martin!
  • Amy Hayes if our final reader! Looking forward to hearing some great poetry. You can read more of her work on her blog at

Event flyer for you to share:


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