Achievements unlocked; Venue Change; Sprout Fund Approves Funding to HAHH

If a year ago, someone told me the Hour After Happy Hour would run out of space at The Big Idea Bookstore, I probably would have said nothing, or erhmmm, and then kept walking – because I’m kind of shy.  But if (in this completely unrealistic scenario) this ominous, portent-filled, & garrulous individual added that HAHH had been awarded a SEED Award by the Sprout Fund to fund activities… well enough with the hypotheticals. I think you get it.

Super Rock Paper Scissors

This image captures Kara’s newly discovered super powers  that put to rest the time-honored HAHH tradition of writers needing to play Rock, Paper Scissors to decide who goes first. Some rejoice. Some weep.

I am in a perpetual state of awe at the growth of this workshop, and I have a hard time putting it into words. Thank you all for giving us the chance and reason to keep doing this.

I must mention and am delighted to do so:

Sprout Seed Awards are modest financial awards ($500–$10,000) that provide critical financial support for projects and programs in the early stages of development—when just a small amount of investment has the potential to yield big results in the community.

While I’m already missing the basement of the Big Idea Bookstore: the delicious, french press coffee, and eclectic people that volunteer to supply Bloomfield with its daily quota of anarchist books, coffees, and social justice happenings, HAHH editors have unveiled a new and diabolical plan, thus resolving our spacial and numerical conundrum –  the writing workshop is moving to the loft of Lot 17, a great little bar on Liberty Avenue, just down the street. I want to thank the owner John and his staff for agreeing to put up with us.

Lot 17 image

Lot 17’s window space

To focus discussion, we plan to split the group into two tables where the writer will get two whole hours of feedback on his or her piece from two completely different perspectives.  This also gives more members of the group a chance to step into the facilitator role, which should make for some fresh  and new perspectives each week. And trust me, it’s fun.

Sprout Fund Logo

This project supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund.

The SEED Award ensures the After Happy Hour Review’s ability to create print copies of the journal, host quality readings, and gives HAHH a usable budget.  HAHH is honored to count itself among the innumerable  and amazing projects that the Sprout Fund has supported that have made Pittsburgh a better place. Hope you’ll read more about them on their website (

Okay that was really fun. I can’t wait to see what will come next.

– Mike

On deck  for workshop is Justin Bayer and Melissa Dias-Mandoly.

Writer’s note: Thomas Walko inexplicably overcame Kara’s superpowers and elected to be workshopped second.

Brace yourselves; new flyers are coming.

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