Deadline for AHHR extended through February

Update:  The After Happy Hour Review received over 40 stories and poems since we announced our call for submissions last October, but as a team, the editors concluded not enough material had been submitted to create a publication. If you haven’t heard back from us regarding your recent submission, that does not mean that you’ve been rejected or accepted, but simply means we’re still getting around to reading and discussing your piece, as we received an influx of submissions close to New Years.

As a result, earlier this week, the editors made the difficult decision to extend the deadline for the first issue of the After Happy Hour Review to Friday, February, 21, 2014. This deadline is final.  The online magazine is slated for release in mid-late March 2014.

I hope you’ll forgive us for the change. I want to thank everyone who shared their work with us over the last 2 1/2 months. I also want to thank everyone everyone who shared our call. If you submitted  to the After Happy Hour Review, but received notification that you did not make the cut, in the spirit of fairness, I do encourage you to send a rewrite or new material in lieu of the extended deadline for March’s magazine.  In any case, the After Happy Hour Review will continue to read all submissions on a rolling basis.

Presently, I am working to update and clean the website as HAHH makes way for some big changes in 2014.  So continue please with bear with me as the text and menus may shift around over the next week and I resume my battle with wordpress.  January’s workshop calendar has been updated.  Big announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!

– Mike

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