Reading Assembled; Submissions welcome! – 1/1/14

I don’t think any of us can effectively express the heartfelt  gratitude (at least I can’t) to everyone who supported and shared in our first reading last Thursday, December 12 at Assemble.  Approximately 70 people attended. The cookie table was well populated.  Thank you to all the group members who went above and beyond to ensure the reading went as smoothly as possible.

Anyone who took pictures and/or video, please feel free to share them with us at hourafterhappyhour[at]gmail[dot]com.

In my younger and more vulnerable years (meaning two months ago), I erroneously stated our deadline for submissions for February was yesterday, which is in fact quite inaccurate, and I hope we’ll hear from you soon, if you haven’t sent your work our way just yet, give it a shot!  Another thank you to those who have.

Nothing like half a foot of snow to stay in all day writing.IMG_20131212_211605309

Justin Bayer reads from his novel-in-progress, a section with the working title, “Tommy Dorsey.”


Kara Helmick-Nelson lays down some poetry from East Liberty to Ocracoke.

IMG_20131212_213044839Dean Matthews reads poetry from his chapbook to be; working title: “Quintessence.”



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