Reading, Thursday 12/12 moved to Assemble!

I’m delighted to extend an invitation to our first reading this Thursday, December 12 from 8pm-10pm.  We’re shifting the venue from The Inn to Assemble.  I want to thank the staff at The Inn for all their time and hard work, and also thank Nina and Jess from  Assemble for helping us out with some really short notice.   Christina’s been working super hard so you can share this flyer with all of your friends.

Reading Flyer

With the venue change, we’re moving the reading back one hour, but all are encouraged  to show up at 7:30. There will be beer-a-plenty and light refreshments, so come out and have a great time us as we read poems and stories. We are asking a $5 suggested donation to cover pay for the space, food and drink and keep this thing going, though all our welcome to attend.  Feel free to contribute to the food and drink.

HAHH has gotten a lot of great submissions for the magazine and will be keeping our submitters as up-to-date as possible. Please continue to share our call for submissions. 1/1/14 is the cut off for the inaugural issue. We’re still looking for more material.

I don’t know if going forward it will be feasible to give detailed recaps from each weeks’ workshop.  But at the past two workshops  we’ve seen a 25+ writers attend and provide contributors with insightful feedback.  We even had to meet at Nico’s Recovery Room once.

Some of the pieces/writers that were featured include:

  • “Finding Cahuita” – a memoir segment by Jody Rosenberg, moving from courtrooms  in Pittsburgh to jungles in Cahuita.
  • “Chalk White and Barely Edible” – a delightful dystopian novel-in-progress from Beth Haley, exploring the consequences results of a world deeply affected  by extremist agenda’s.
  • “La Hermandad” – a nonfiction essay examining a South American family’s experience in fair trade coffee production in South America by Weenta Girmay
  • “The Accident” – a short story by Phoebe Rayher with two characters exploring religious taboos
  • Charlie Brown worked to put together a personal nonficiton essay called “To the One The Rhinelander HodagI Love”
  • Bryan McCarthy sent us some fantastic poetry.
  • Lee DeMet offered an essay about Rhinelander, a beer crazed town in Wisconsin, featuring this beautiful thing called the Hodag.
  • Branden Tristan Reid sent us another excerpt from his memoir-in-progress “God Grant Me The Serenity to Forget the Things I Cannot Remember”

We’re looking at larger venue spaces for 2014, but for now will keep trucking along and really can’t thank the Big Idea Bookstore enough for putting up with our shenanigans since  October 2013.  No workshop for Christmas, and we’re taking off January 3rd to enjoy the New Year.

If you know any place that wants to let 25+ writer-folk talk for two hours every Thursday, please let them know we’re interested and put us in contact by emailing

But after that, January’s schedule of writers is already filled up and I can’t wait to hear from so many new voices..

No workshop this Thursday due the reading.  But 12/19 should be a great one.

A final thought to part with from Comedy Bang Bang:

Would you rather not know the difference between a child and a potato, or every time you sneeze your gender would change? And what is your favorite cheese? The group on the whole generally preferred the Gender Change Scenario and enjoys a multitude of cheddar cheese genres.

See you Thursday!



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