Cake, Poems, and What’s Happening Here?

Last week, we had a birthday party. It was Charlie’s birthday.  We love Charlie, very very very very very very very much.  (

I’m going to be brief since we’re meeting in about an hour, and I’d still like sometime to re-read this weeks’ submissions by George and Brandon.

But no seriously. Beth made great cake.  

Anywho, last week we were lucky to read beach poetry by Kara Helmick-Nelson, and a short-story by Jason Peck.  

Kara’s poetry took us on ferries in “To Ocracoke” and through stormy nights.  The group discussed ways rearrange, cut, add or otherwise amend.  What struck me as most compelling, seemed to be when the poems tugged at the experience of trying to record and observe a moment, but also taking part and playing an active role in shaping it.

Jason came through with another sweet and brief piece, focusing on the death of a loved one and an inability and reluctance to move on.  Clocking in at just 1,749 words, we thought it could get even smaller.  All in all great to hear from Jason again.

Catch you all tonight,



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