Thursday, March 7th – Charles and Jonathan

Thursday, March 7th marked a milestone for the Hour After Happy Hour, and for the first time there was scarcely enough seating at the table to accommodate all of the new attendees that included – Kara, Tyson, Martin, Justin, and Sara. We had the pleasure of reading from first-time contributors Charles Brown and Jonathan Katz. I think I counted about 15 total in attendance. *Round of applause* Especially because the discussion was great.

Charles Brown’s submission was allegedly his first crack at a short story since a freshmen Intro to Fiction Writing course, and the story led to some great discussion. “For Your Consideration” followed a would-be writer struggling to “make it.” Full of irony, one of my favorite moments occurs as the narrator abandon’s the age old maxim and attempts unsuccessfully to sell-out:

“Apparently what everyone was clamoring for was more “Naturalist” short stories. But Peter knew nothing “Naturalist” about his life except that he was always sure to turn the faucet off while he brushed his teeth. Then again, if nature was what the review wanted, Peter thought he could write that, dishonest though it would seem.”

And it’s always funny how in these workshops each submission brings out something more in the other. For Jonathan Katz’s submission, we reviewed a piece of nature writing, and if I’m not mistaken this marked our first foray into Creative Non-fiction. The prompt Jonathan was responding to dealt with exploring the intersection of nature and technology #oaktree, etc, and followed two friends on a walk through Appalachian Pennsylvania as they enter the natural world to escape technology, but then become dependent on technology for their own safety. We’re excited to review the next revision as Jonathan approaches his April deadline.

So thank you to everyone who came out for the first time a couple weeks back and to everyone who has been coming week in and week out. This Thursday, we’re looking forward to reading Martin’s first submission to the group – an excerpt from a novel in progress, and what I think is going to be some poetry from Tyson, which gets me stoked in particular.

Read more Robert Hass – Drift and Vapor (Surf Faintly).



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