Feb 21st Workshop

We were delighted to read short stories from Jason Peck and Kaleigh Behe, and to welcome three new writers into THAHH fold: Charlie Brown, Jonathan Katz, and David Catalan.

We began with Jason Peck’s sophomore submission to the group – a 9 and a half page short-story entitled “At the Bar When You Get Here.” “At the Bar When You Get Here” focused on a strained relationship between two best friends- Jerry and Neil. Jerry and Neil struggle to maintain what is gradually becoming a one-sided friendship against the tests of time, disparate economic situations, and new relationships. The story was ripe with dynamic lines, and but discussion focused on a revised, or expanded ending, and different details. Hilarity ensued. There were digressions. The story stood out as true, honest, and sincere.

Like Jason, “Up in Smoke” was also Kaleigh’s sophomore submission to the group. This story was a revision and addition to ten pages submitted last month. Told from the perspective of an aging male cautiously revisiting his past, the narrator begins to re-open and perhaps to heal old wounds in the hometown he shunned for decades. “Up in Smoke” made a great juxtaposition to Jason’s laconic prose, with detailed descriptions and long flowing lines. One thing that struck me as impressive was Kaleigh’s ability to maintain a convincing first person male voice throughout the 19 pages.

March 7th is our next scheduled workshop, and we’re looking forward to hearing from Charlie and Jonathan for the first time.

Stay happy,


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