Writer of the Week: Lois Williams

Cooking with Fat

BY Lois Williams


My mother and her sisters cook lamb shank,
rib roast, souse potatoes in pork grease,
rub butter into pastry, then add lard—

Their men come in from being carpenters,
soldiers, by-the-hour haulers, eyes glaring
vigilance and deep fatigue. The table
is their solitude—

Four mouthfuls into the plate they look up,
their faces now the faces of boys
of whom nothing fearful has yet been asked.


Lois Williams grew up along the Wash coast and traveled widely, teaching English in university and community writing programs in the US. Her poems and essays have appeared in many venues, including Verse Daily, 5 A.M., Fourth River, Antiphon, New England Review, and Granta.



As AHHR editors lay out fall’s edition of the review, we will share selected pieces from March 2014’s debut After Happy Hour Review.  This week features poet Lois Williams. Read more of Lois’ work in the After Happy Hour Review on issuu.com



Writer of the week: Andy Chen

A. Rethinks Seduction

by Andy Chen

Her earrings are feathers of gold, the veins forever fixed. She snaps a match to life. He looks up to find moths everywhere, with names he will never know: Hairstreak, Antler, Pale Grass Blue. Their tiny applause drying out the air, sending in spirals a gasoline smell. You knew it would come to this. And he did.

Andy Chen is a native of the pretty part of New Jersey. He is currently pursuing an MFA in poetry from Washington University in St. Louis.


As AHHR editors begin to lay out fall’s edition of the review, we plan to use the blog to share selected pieces from March 2014’s debut After Happy Hour Review.  This week features poet Andy Chen. Read the more by Andy and additional writers featured in the After Happy Hour Review on issuu.com



Where we’re calling from…

Updates have been sparse lately. We’re sorry!

Thank you to the artists and writers who’ve contributed to the second After Happy Hour Review. Editors have really enjoyed reading and discussing your work and continue to debate fervently.

If I hadn’t mentioned, the reading period for the second  issue of the After Happy Hour Review ends September 12th (6 weeks away). Don’t wait, submit today! The journal will be released on October 30th, with time/location TBD.

Internally, AHHR editors are working to upgrade and reorganize our website and many more aspects of the After Happy Hour Review and ourselves. Many good things to come.  Thank you all for reading the very first After Happy Hour Review.

Tomorrow’s workshop will feature two wonderful poets – Bryan McCarthy & Thao Nguyen – still @ Lot 17 every Thursday from 7pm-9pm.

- Mike G.



Open call for submissions – Fall 2014

The editors at the After Happy Hour Review wholeheartedly thank the writers that submitted last round, and all of the writers who are discovering the journal and sharing your work for the next issue.

Tonight, we have another great writing workshop scheduled, featuring poetry by Phoebe Rayher, and also a discussion for HAHH members with thereviewreview.net on tips for sharing work with literary magazines.

Hope you’ll bear with us as we work to update the website with all the new submission information. I switched the blog back as our landing page, but you can always read the journal by clicking on the After Happy Hour Review button up top, we’ll deliver details about our summer reading, and begin to pieces from the last journal as soon as we get caught up on the back-end.



Final Reader announced and it is… 10 Days until Release of AHHR

I find it difficult to believe this little journal, hatched in a hazy conceptualization at Lou’s Corner Bar after one autumn workshop is growing before our collective eyes into a concrete reality of wonder and panache.

Be there with us as the journal takes its first step on Thursday, March 27 at Assemble Pittsburgh, doors open at 7:30pm. This is a fantastic editing team. Is there facebook event? Yes. Of course there is a facebook event. Here it is. Tell us if you’d like to come.

  • What else? Sarah Cunningham, of the Point Park Globe wrote a wonderful piece and took a picture that really encapsulates why HAHH is “neither happy nor an hour.” Tell us how nice we all look: Writers’ workshop launches literary magazine.
  • I’m also immensely pleased to share a recent publication from a member of the AHHR team: Martin van Velsen’s flash fiction piece called “Over” was published online by Lascaux 250. Congrats Martin!
  • Amy Hayes if our final reader! Looking forward to hearing some great poetry. You can read more of her work on her blog at http://plumintheicebox.wordpress.com

Event flyer for you to share:


Deadlines pass

Our deadline for the first issue of the After Happy Hour Review came to a close last Friday, February 21. AHHR editors have gotten a lot of great submissions to read and discuss. Though the deadline for this journal has passed, the journal’s staff will continue to read work on a rolling basis.